Modules are giving functionality to the framework. You can make modules with with whatever you want functions, like for wotk with MySQL or 'app' module, witch you can set as default module in project settings and call another modules from it, which turns it into main module.
Modules can be called in two ways: from get request like '' or from function call_module() (e.g. Nothing::call_module(MODULE_NAME, PARAMS_ARRAY) ).
Each module has certain mandatory components:

We will begin our acquaintance with the module from its configuration. You can add your vars to setting and get their values from static::$module_settings Main core of each module is core.php
You can use as a template code below: There are endless ways to handle the request, and as an option, you can use the structure 'case' or call a function with the same name as in the request and pass parameters to it

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